Mar Delestal
graphic artist
Mar Delestal
My work is a constant evolution of composition and colour.

My origin and formation are within a classic education. As an art student in Spain and Greece, I learned the basics of traditional drawing and painting: light, colour and composition. My vision changed when I moved to the Netherlands, where I faced other artistic currents that made me think about how to represent reality. I abandoned realism in painting.

I use my experience and knowledge to create my personal world. The background is impotant and I play with it to make it a prominent part of the work. The colour reaches prominence and opens up new possibilities for creation.

Each brush stroke, each layer of matter becomes an exploration with which I can give shapes and sensations of solidity, transparencies, weightlessness... The colourful composition is the characteristic of my work and has become a personal stamp.

After years I return to realism with my first series of portraits called "Memories".

I keep playing with the backgrounds but focusing on the expressions. From now on I have a new challenge in my work: to study and to deepen the capacity of human beings to transmit feelings.